Transportation Options

Most American cities are designed to move people from place to place with private transportation, meaning private cars. Seniors often reach a point where driving themselves becomes a trial, but they don’t want to give up the freedom of a car.
What are the alternatives to driving?
There are several alternatives that allow seniors to get where they need to go without relying strictly on a public transit system.
The first, of course, is to have family members drive. This is a good option if the younger family member lives close by and has the time available during the day when many doctors schedule appointments.
Another good option is local Dial-A-Ride programs available as part of local transit systems or funded, and operated, by other government agencies dedicated to providing senior services.
Possibly the most flexible option is private medical cabs. Dedicated to serving a specific segment of the population, these medical cab services offer flexible scheduling and often seek to hire drivers with first aid training.